About Us

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Our Founder

Mirelle is a holistic nutritionist and mother of two boys.

As most holistic practitioners, her health journey began after experiencing her own health issues during her first pregnancy and postpartum.

She realized that a lot of the problems she was experiencing were not only very common amongst mothers, but very poorly managed through traditional medicine. 

She went back to school, focused her studies in pregnancy and postpartum nutrition, devoured books and papers about the topic and read hundreds of nutrition studies and articles.

The knowledge she learned has not only helped her overcome her health issues, but also allowed her to help many new mothers overcome theirs. 

Our Mission

Mother Nutrient was created as a resource to support women in their motherhood journeys.

Motherhood is a wonderful and rewarding ride, but let's be honest, it can take a toll on our minds and bodies.

Pregnancy and birth can leave us nutrient depleted, hormones fluctuating, and the daily stress of parenting and work can lead to fatigue and exhaustion. This is why it's so important for us mothers to focus on meeting our unique nutritional needs. When we are healthy, and strong, we can do everything better!

Whether you are trying to conceive, currently pregnant, in the midsts of postpartum or dealing with burnout from parenting older children, we’re here to help. 

Our Motherhood Line

Created by a holistic nutritionist with a mother's unique needs in mind.

No yucky ingredients

We always look for the best ingredients and avoid fillers and other unnecessary add-ons, so you get only the good stuff!

Most absorbable forms

Always made with the best forms of nutrients so that they can be absorbed and used as they were intended.