Vitamin D3 + K2


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High strength dose (5000 IU) to support elevated needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

Supports bone, brain, and mental health

Promotes your immune system

Combined with vitamin K2 to enhance benefits of vitamin D

Includes black pepper for better absorption

Preferred D3 form 


Mother Nutrient’s Vitamin D3 delivers a potent dose of Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) combined with Vitamin K2 to maximize the benefits of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 plays a key role in calcium absorption and bone growth, as well as maintaining healthy blood regulation, muscle, brain and nerve function.

Vitamin D deficiency is extremely common and has been shown to be linked to mood and focus issues, as well as increased risks for pregnancy complications. Although the current recommended daily amount is set at 600 IU, the recommended dose is even higher for pregnant and postpartum women at 4,000-6,000 IU per day. In order to pass on the necessary levels to the baby and to support the mother’s mental health, it’s important for postpartum women to supplement to achieve adequate levels.

Unique D3+K2 combo

Many people are aware of the benefits of vitamin D but are unaware of how vitamin K can help. Vitamin K activates proteins that help direct the absorbed calcium to be stored in desirable areas like in the bone. Taking them together has a positive synergistic effect on your bone health.

Preferred D3 form

Vitamin D comes in 2 main forms: D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol). D2 is a plant-based form, while D3 is the bioactive form of vitamin D that our bodies naturally produce when exposed to sunlight. While both can meet vitamin D needs, studies suggest that D3 is more potent, sustains vitamin D levels longer, and is better absorbed than D2, so D3 is the preferred and beneficial form of vitamin D to take.


Suggested Use: 1 capsule twice daily. For best results, take 20-30 minutes before a meal.

Contents: 90 capsules

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Milk/casein, gluten, wheat, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


Who should take a Vitamin D3+K2 supplement?

Anyone who

➔ Is deficient (the majority of the population)

➔ gets limited sun exposure

➔ is pregnant or breastfeeding

➔ wants to support and improve their mental health

➔ wants to support a healthy heart


How much vitamin D3 and K2 are in each dose?

5000 IU of D3 and 100mcg of K2 is in each capsule.


Where should I store Vitamin D3+K2?

Store in a cool, dry place (59°F-85°F) away from direct sunlight, like a kitchen cupboard or drawer.

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Support your bone health, brain health, and immune system

Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient that helps with calcium absorption and bone growth, promotes brain health, and strengthens your immune system.

Meeting the increased needs of both mother and baby

Studies have shown that mothers benefit from Vitamin D3 levels that are much higher than the current RDA of 600 IU, especially when accounting for babies' needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The levels typically included in a prenatal is not sufficient so taking an additional supplement is a great way to ensure you are getting enough of this important nutrient.

High-quality vitamin D you can trust

Our Vitamin D3 + K2 also includes black pepper extract to further enhance absorption!