The Postnatal Recovery Program

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Feeling drained and fatigued? Dealing with recurrent mastitis or yeast infections? Are your hormones all over the place? You are not alone, the majority of new mothers suffer from at least one of many post-partum effects, which affects her day to day life as well as her baby's.

This guided program was designed for mothers of newborns, toddlers and small children to address the core issues affecting their health, and help them recover through a nourishing diet, lifestyle changes, and where needed, the use of specific supplements, probiotics and superfoods. I understand this is an intense period in a mother's life, so this program won't be rigid or time consuming, you will have full flexibility and can access the program anytime, anywhere. 

I am putting the final details and working on shooting the educational videos, so the course is not ready yet. However, I am offering a 10% discount code if you sign-up to get alerted when the course is ready.

The postnatal recovery program is the first of its kind to address maternal depletion and nutrient deficiencies and to focus on diet and lifestyle so that new mothers can feel better faster.

This course will walk you through all the changes that happened to your body during pregnancy and birth, as well as what is going on now that you delivered your baby. Which nutrients are needed to support your body in the healing phase and what your baby needs to thrive. I will also go over a nutrition basics section to cover topics such as which fats are healthy vs unhealthy, how to maximize nutrient density, eating on the go and more. 

Included in the course is 24/7 access to the reading material, charts, tables, cheat sheets and videos. I've also included a lifestyle and exercise section where I interview midwives, doulas and chiropractors 

Physical and hormonal changes


Recomended nutrients
and diet


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Are you wondering when you will feel back to normal? Do you eat a healthy diet but are still struggling with the aftermath of pregnancy and birth? You've come to the right place!

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