Ashwagandha Gummies


Ashwagandha in a convenient, delicious gummy form!

Added vitamin D and zinc for immune support

Energy booster

Potent adaptogen herb - 1500mg Ashwagandha per serving!

50-day supply

Non-GMO, gluten, dairy, soy, and gelatin-free


Mother Nutrient Ashwagandha Gummies provide the benefits of ashwagandha in a convenient gummy form!

Ashwagandha is a powerful Ayurvedic adaptogen herb that has been linked to many health benefits that can ease challenges like depression, anxiety, inflammation, low energy, and impaired memory and cognition†

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen herb, meaning that it helps your body better manage stress in the body and adapt to the physical, emotional, and mental changes that motherhood brings.

This all-natural herb supports the adrenal glands (they are responsible for releasing adrenaline and cortisol in stressful situations) and can help to ease and manage stress better by reducing cortisol levels(1,2). It also has powerful antioxidant properties that can help improve memory and cognitive function and can boost your energy level. (3)†.

Ashwagandha Gummies boost your immune system!

Our Ashwagandha Gummies include vitamin D and zinc to support a healthy immune system.

Not recommended for pregnancy.


1. Chandrasekhar, K, et al. “A Prospective, Randomized Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of Safety and Efficacy of a High-Concentration Full-Spectrum Extract of Ashwagandha Root in Reducing Stress and Anxiety in Adults.” Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, vol. 34, no. 3, 2012, p. 255., doi:10.4103/0253-7176.106022.

2. Cooley, Kieran, et al. “Naturopathic Care for Anxiety: A Randomized Controlled Trial ISRCTN78958974.” PLoS ONE, vol. 4, no. 8, 2009, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0006628.

3. Choudhary, Dnyanraj, et al. “Efficacy and Safety of Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera (L.) Dunal) Root Extract in Improving Memory and Cognitive Functions.” Journal of Dietary Supplements, vol. 14, no. 6, 2017, pp. 599–612., doi:10.1080/19390211.2017.1284970.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Suggested Use: Take 2 gummies daily.

Contents: 100 gummies per bottle

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Milk/casein, gluten, wheat, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Storage:Store in a cool, dry place (59°F-85°F) away from direct light.


What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwaganda, or also known as Withania Somniferia Root, is an ancient medicinal herb that has been used to reduce stress and increase energy levels for centuries, and is native to North Africa and India. It is a herb that offers a variety of safe solutions such as reducing blood sugar, stress, depression, and boosting energy and brain function.


Why choose Ashwagandha Gummies?

Great-tasting and convenient way to get the benefits of ashwagandhaPotent strength not found in other brands1500mg per servingChewable and easy to takeNo nasty surprises - gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, non-GMO


 Who should take Ashwagandha Gummies?

Anyone who:

Prefers gummies over capsulesWants to ease stressWants to support their immune systemWants to support their energyIs at risk for urinary tract infections

Will these gummies melt?

Our gummies are made from citrus pectin instead of gelatin (like most other gummies). This means that ours naturally have a much higher melting point and can even withstand the “hot car test.” They will not arrive melted into one gigantic blob during the hot summer months. Most other cranberry gummies out there have lots of negative reviews due to this issue. Don’t worry about that with our Mother Nutrient gummies!


The content found on this website is not considered medical advice. Please consult with a physician before making any medical or lifestyle changes.

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Clinically proven to reduce cortisol levels

Research has shown that supplementing with Ashwagandha significantly reduced cortisol levels by 29% to help the body manage stress better. Ashwagandha supports the adrenal glands and also has powerful antioxidant properties that can boost energy, memory, and cognitive function.

Powerful 30:1 potency!

Our Ashwagandha Gummies contain a whopping 1,500mg of Ashwagandha in a single serving!  This powerful adaptogen helps your body better manage stress in the body and adapt to the physical, emotional, and mental changes that motherhood brings!

Added vitamin D3 & zinc for immunity!

Ashwagandha Gummies also include vitamin D3 and zinc to support your immune system, so you can help your body stay energized and strong!