The case for supplements

A nutrient dense diet should be the basis for a smooth pregnancy, postpartum recovery, lactation period and beyond. However, there are several reasons why eating a healthy diet might not be enough:


  • The months and years after birth are a time of healing, replenishing nutrient stores and sometimes providing nutrients for our babies / toddlers. Dealing with the daily stress of rearing children and work add to this increase in nutrient requirements. For most women. it can be very challenging to get all these extra needed nutrients from food alone.

  • While nutrient requirements are very high, time to plan, prepare meals and sit down to eat is much more challenging once we become mothers. Making sure that every single meal contains all the nutrients needed is a job of itself, most mothers have enough on their plate and tend to eat on the go.

  • Several studies reveal that the soil in the United States has lost almost half of its original vitamin and mineral content due to modern farming methods. Most foods bought at the supermarket have only a fraction of the nutrient content they contained compared to a few decades ago. We would need to eat two apples nowadays to get the nutrition from one apple in the 50's.

  • Absorption might be challenging post-babies because of all the changes the digestive system goes through during each pregnancy. Your intestines (where nutrients are absorbed) might be slow and inflamed from being squished and moved, your microbiome changes and it can take years for this to normalize.

  • It takes nutrients to detoxify from air and water pollution, which is now common place in most of the industrialized world. Especially if you live in a city, you need lots of nutrients just to detox from all the pollution.

A published paper of a study by Janet King that compared women taking supplements for shorter vs longer timelines, showed improvement in nutrient status and subsequent pregnancy health outcomes in the women who took supplements for the longer time period. 

This is why I have created a line of superfoods, probiotics and supplements, specifically designed to help mothers thrive. I recommend that every mother takes our postnatal supplement with DHA for the first two years following birth. Check out our products section for more detail on our supplement line. If you are not sure which supplements to get, take our online quiz to get diet and supplement recommendations, based on your particular needs.


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