Organic Golden Collagen


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Delicious golden milk powder with collagen peptides

Dairy-free blend with a coconut milk base

All organic ingredientsInnovative formula with highly bioavailable curcumin

Grass-fed collagen peptides

Blend of healing, organic herbs and superfoods


Mother Nutrient's Golden Collagen is perfect for anyone and contains many nutrients for the postpartum mother.

The postnatal period is a time of healing. This innovative golden milk formula is a convenient and great-tasting way to incorporate nutrients that can help support the postpartum mother’s recovery.

It contains:

- A highly absorbable form of turmeric, curcumin that has anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is also great for supporting lactation

- Fenugreek to aid in milk production

- Moringa, a superfood, is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, antioxidants, and plant protein

- Cinnamon bark for improving blood sugar regulation

- Ginger, cardamom and other ayurvedic spices

- 2.5 g of grass-fed collagen peptides

- Only 1 g of sugar per serving from organic sugar and monkfruit extract


Suggested Use: Mix one scoop (9 g) with 4 to 6 ounces of hot water, warm milk, or warm almond or coconut milk and drink.

Contents: 9.52 oz (270g)

CONTAINS: Tree nuts (coconut)


Who should take Gold Collagen?Anyone who:
 - Wants to promote wound and tissue healing from pregnancy and birth
 - Wants to support milk production
 - Wants an immediate nutrition boost with a mix of superfoods and healing herbs
 - Enjoys the taste of golden milk

How do I take it?

You can mix 1 scoop of powder in 4 to 6 oz of your desired drink (hot water, warm coconut or almond milk).

Proprietary mix of curcumin:
[from Curcuma longa L. rhizone extract standardized to 40% (20 mg) curcuminoids] and Fenugreek Galactomannans (from Tigonella foenum-graecum seed extract)

Other ingredients: Organic cane sugar and Luo Han Gou fruit (monk fruit) extract.

Contains: Tree Nuts (coconut)

How do I store it?Keep it tightly sealed in dry, cool place.

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All organic Ingredients!

Plus Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides

Make this the optimal health drink. Drink it hot, cold, add a scoop to your morning coffee, or add it to pancake or smoothies for a delicious and nutritious touch.

Most effective curcumin extract

Made with CurQfen

Made with CurQfen, a patented form of turmeric standardized at 40% curcuminoids that enhances its bioavailability and absorption and provides longer duration of its active compounds.

In clinical studies, CurQfen delivers 100 ng/g of active curcumin to the tissues versus 1.4 ng/g of standard curcumin.

Packed with

organic herbs that support lactation and decrease inflammation

Provides a blend of organic herbs and superfoods that support milk production, including fenugreek, curcumin (a highly absorbable form of turmeric), and moringa.